The development of the application in the Matlab in combination with the Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation  (OpenSEES)1

This application will enable automatic generation of the structural models, which will be possible to use for different levels of seismic analysis. The nonlinear dynamic analysis of the single degree of freedom system is foreseen as the less accurate level of the analysis. These analyses can be used for seismic risk assessment of urban areas since these analyses are not computationally demanding and can be therefore easily performed for all buildings within the selected urban area. On the other hand, as the most accurate level of analysis, is foreseen the probabilistic seismic risk analysis of the detailed model of the building structure, which is in compliance with the Eurocode criteria. In this analysis the modelling uncertainties, the physical uncertainties of the input data, as well as the randomness due earthquakes in seismic response will also be considered.


The developed of a dynamically upgradeable high-throughput computing environment

This environment will be accessible through a web portal. The main testing application for the developed environment will be the above presented earthquake engineering analysis. The computing environment will be based on the service-oriented architecture, open standard protocols and implemented using open source programming tools and frameworks. Such computing environment will substantially decrease the time needed for computations of the seismic response of structures since the computation will be spread on the computers within the network.

1 developed at the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center in California